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This week we’re going to talk about the commitment continuum. What the […]
 This month’s mental health check was going to be one of two […]
Today we are gonna cover a topic that is something we talk […]
We need to talk about plateaus. We’ve touched on this before, but […]
We mentioned talking about scaling workouts a couple of weeks ago, and […]
We often like to troll r/fitness on reddit and found a really […]
Today is one of those days. Why? Because learning new shit is […]
When people come to us with questions about their health and fitness, […]
We’ve been seeing lots of questions about un-training and muscle loss lately… […]
Last week’s episode was titled, “ Explain It Like I’m 5”. One […]
This week we hit the Instagram trough to see what stuff in […]
It’s the last mental health check of the year and we are […]
 It’s been a hot minute since we’ve talked about some mighty gym […]
The holidays are among us, and no matter what you celebrate, you’re […]
It’s mental health check time, and the holidays are here. For some […]
Let’s talk about sleep. It’s your friend and we all seem to […]
This month, we’re focusing on the unsung heroes of your journey. Today, […]
We were gonna take a week off… but this episode was born […]
This month, we’re gonna have a freeform conversation about seasons of life. […]
There’s a lot of shit nfo out there on social media and […]
We’re just gonna keep loading up the undertained muscle train and talk […]
Since we covered Butt Stuff on our last episode, we thought we […]
This week, we’re heading back into the gym and talking about all […]
WHAT IS PTSD, REALLY?  PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder according to […]
To wrap up our September series on risk vs reward, we needed […]
Spaghetti monster knows that we have a love hate relationship with social […]
We haven’t done a gym episode in quite some time, and it’s […]
It’s time for another mental health check, and today we are going […]
We wanted to get a pulse for what our listeners are most […]
Today we are gonna discuss a topic that can either make you […]
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Thank you, with everything we have, for tuning in and just for […]
If you or someone you know is struggling with depression and/or suicidal […]
Today we’re going to spend some time discussing how it’s ok for […]
On last week’s episode we aired our grievances, so this week, we’re […]
Today, we are gonna air some grievances. No, it’s not Festivus but […]
It’s time for another mental health check and this month we’re gonna […]
Everywhere and all day long you can do a simple google search […]
We have said a few times on this podcast that we needed […]
Because diet culture will never stop spewing bullshit and making money grabs, […]
We talked about impostor syndrome last week, and since then a lot […]
We have arrived at the end of the month, which means it’s […]
This has to be one of the most nerdy and technical episodes […]
When it comes to leg day, it seems like everyone always has […]
We’ve talked at length about protein and how to fit it into […]
On instagram, we asked what you want us to talk about on […]
We did an episode on calling your own bullshit, but this one […]
We are here for the people and the people want to know […]
So, as a lot of our listeners know, both Sausha and myself […]
Sadie and Sausha are joined by weightlifting and nutrition coach David Bayer […]
It’s been a long damn time since we’ve done a mailbag, so […]
We get a lot of questions about recipes… “What are the best […]
Fucking injuries. While preventable, for the most part, are bound to happen […]
We continue to see this everywhere, whether folks think they’re doing it […]
We’ve covered the squat, we’ve covered the deadlift, now it’s time to […]
“My vision is a world of healthy women who understand their bodies, […]
Today we are unveiling our newest brainchild, Meathead Athletics… and HOLY SHIT […]
On this episode we wanted to spend some time on finding your […]
We taught you how to become a deadlift master, today we conquer […]
We’re going to dig into one our favorite movements: the deadlift. A […]
It’s time for this month’s mental health check, and we thought we […]
Today we are wading into the wide world of fitness industry bullshit […]
We’ve talked at length about macros, and what your perfect split may […]
There’s a video circulating on TikTok where a young woman calls people […]
We get a lotttttt of questions about setting up a training plan. […]
It’s the end of October which means it’s time for this month’s […]
We get a lot of questions that come in, and the last […]
Today we are gonna get hella nerdy about training… like, more than […]
Meredith and Alex come from a background of sports and sports performance. […]
Today is the day where you become master of the bulk. We […]
Today’s episode is part one of a two part discussion about… bulking! […]
This week’s episode is a mental health check. There’s a lot of […]
Staying on your nutrition plan is hard, if you don’t have a […]
We talk a lot about all the things you’re doing in the […]
When it comes to training plans, we are always on the lookout […]
Today we are going back to Gym Myth Land to debunk some […]
Chris Whitney is back, and he did the damn thing! He talks […]
Dumbbells are great for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons […]
We’re officially into the summer months, and we’re slowly getting back to […]
Dustin Judd from 3D Nutrition in Lincoln, NE joined the ladies for […]
Summer is upon us and that means getting used to training in […]
Murph is a Hero WOD for time that consists of:1-mile max effort […]
It’s mental health awareness month, and we think it’s super important that […]
Today we wanted to talk about taking ownership of your domain. You […]
When it comes to fitness, one of the first things a lot […]
Welcome to Meathead Test Kitchen, where we help make your fitness journey […]
Spring is here… this week we’re going to talk about functional fitness, […]
“Swimsuit season” is almost here and there’s been a lot of posting […]
We are a full year into this pandemic, and it’s got all […]
Today we are going to cover some of the millions of fitness […]
Today we are going to answer a question we’ve both asked ourselves, […]
Today we wanted to circle back to alcohol. When this episode will […]
LINDSAY: Should you stretch before or after running? Both. You can greatly […]
Sadie and Sausha are joined by new mom, weighlifter, and strong woman; […]
REASONS YOU SHOULD EAT MORE PROTEIN It’s good for your bones. Contrary […]
Today we are going to get real nerdy about dietary fats. For […]
Let’s talk about stress, sometimes it’s nowhere to be found… other times, […]
Today we are gonna talk about our old friend and my favorite […]
Mike Nicola joined the UNO Athletic Department in March of 2013 and […]
Stacy began Powerlifting in the fall of 2014 and never looked back. […]
Today we wanted to take some time to talk about setting yourself […]
START YOUR 2021 STRONG! Download your MTK Habit Tracking Kit today! Get […]
The new year is upon us and that means resolutions are on […]
Let’s talk about how people interact with each other on the internet. […]
Today we’re going to help you tackle the feat that is leg […]
Are you wearing the right shoes for your training? A lot of […]
The holidays can be a stressful time for us all, and when […]
Maybe you’ve seen her on NBC’s Titan Games or wearing the tiara […]
I am over the moon to be a part of the MS […]
Sometimes it’s okay to say “fuck it” and take a break from […]
Jack hosts a podcast called The Darkside of Elite, and he is […]
Congrats friend! You’re doin’ the thing! You’re going to the gym! The […]
Finding your soulmate is an important part of life, and it applies […]
Bellator Bantamweight Record: 14-1-0Height: 5’7″ Weight: 135lbs Born 12/16/88 in Houston, TX […]
STORAGEYou’ve made your list, and you’ve shopped… now what? Now you need […]
Meal prep. It’s the most dreaded part of getting into a healthy […]
When you decide you want to change a habit, what do we […]
“Macro” is short for “macronutrient,” which is a type of food that’s […]
In this episode we talk to you about some things you need […]