WEIGH EVERYTHING – You need to learn proper portion sizes, you’ll need to feel a little extra from time to time, but it’s a habit you need to adopt.


DON’T GO COLD TURKEY – Ease yourself into a diet change slowly, it helps the new habits stick. Start with subbing out condiments for lower calorie versions… or, better yet – make your own.


FOOD IS YOUR FRIEND – You need to eat to achieve any fitness goals you may have. You don’t deadlift 150% of your bodyweight by eating 1200 calories a day.


INVEST IN GOOD KITCHEN TOOLS – You’re going to start cooking more, don’t use shitty tools. Invest in good knives and cookware. Bonus Tip: an instant pot will be your meal prep BFF, and they’re on sale a lot.


FIND AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER – You’ll want someone to keep you in check from time to time. Seek out someone with similar goals, it helps a ton… plus then you can have a meal prep partner.


QUITTING SODA IS HARD AF – You thankfully have options: diet, Sodastream, Zevia, Bai, soda water… they’re all your friends.


SEASON YOUR DAMN FOOD – Herbs & spices taste great, and are generally low in calorie counts, use them often. Bland food sucks.


DON’T GET SUCKED INTO DIET HYPE – If someone promises you abs in 90 days or -30lbs in 30 days, they are full of shit. Don’t give them your money. Change takes time, be patient with yourself.


READ UP ON THE 80/20 RULE – This is a personal favorite method here at MTK. It allows you for some flexibility if you need to crush a craving, and it helps you better stay on track with your goals.


MAKE YOUR OWN SALAD DRESSINGS – It’s cheaper, and you can control everything that goes into it.


EAT YOUR VEGGIES – Vegetables are a great low calorie, high volume side dish. Load up that plate with veg and you’ll stay fuller longer.


“VEGAN” ISN’T A DIRTY WORD – It’s one you’ll see often around here. Vegan subs are possible for a large number of MTK recipes, because you should be able to eat well and chase the gains no matter what your philosophy is.


STAY HYDRATED, FAM – Drink plenty of water, tea, and coffee… your hair, skin, joints, and everything else will thank you for it.


SUPPLEMENT WISELY – Not all products are created equal… do your research.


YOU WILL FUCK UP – It’s bound to happen, and when it does… it’s NBD. Just start again tomorrow. Reprogramming your brain to eat differently takes a reasonable amount of time, and “reasonable” varies from person to person. Be patient with yourself and trust the process.

Need some ideas on what to swap out of your diet? Check out our handy substitution guide here.