Thank you, with everything we have, for tuning in and just for being here. Our goal when this podcast began was to educate, and be super open about anything and everything, and we’re fucking thrilled to be able to do this each week!

LFG! We asked you to send in some questions on our instagram (At Meathead Test Kitchen) so let’s answer those burning questions!

From @Leahedelmira on IG: SNACKS

  1. As you know, these bitches love snack time. I recently discovered a fantastic fucking hack. The snack protein smoothie. This does not mean it is smol in size, it means it isn’t consumed all at once. I make a normal ass protein smoothie in the morning, put it in a cold cup that has a straw and that mother fucker stays cold ALL day. I don’t have to make myself explode from drinking it all at one time, and I make sure I’m getting that protein in!

From @Bio_Becca on IG: I would love to hear your fav ups and downs of the pod life. I love how you keep it real

  1. I will say that the downs can be brutal. When you’re satisfied with the product you’re putting out and believe with your whole ass that you’re crushing it and then the listens go down that week. I will say, this is NORMAL in the summer, people are busy, but it can make you second guess yourself, and I, for one, do not like that
  2. Fav up is when something blows up, in a great way, on tiktok or social in general. Also, seeing that people are watching the full length vids on the tube is really rewarding.

From @headleyactual on IG: Dunking on shitty influencers and their worst practices



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