On this episode we wanted to spend some time on finding your peace. What do we mean by that? Being willing to accept your body the way it is, right now. It can be difficult to accept our bodies, or certain parts of our bodies. Sometimes we spend entirely too much time comparing ourselves to others. So let’s try to knock that the fuck off, shall we?


  1. I saw a post not that long ago about choosing a word for 2022. Sounds kind of dumb, but the more I thought about it, I loved the idea. The word I chose was intention. An intention is a target, goal or plan about what you’re going to do.. Sounds obvious enough, right? But what does this mean when trying to find your peace?
  2. Setting an intention, in our opinion, is a lot like visualization. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between visualization and reality on a subconscious level. When you set an intention, you’re making a statement about what you intend to accomplish with your actions, visualizing that intention, and then doing what you need to get there.
    • You’re committing to the journey that’s going to get you to the goal, and for completing the plan OF your intention. 
    • By setting intentions, you’re keeping your focus in the moment. Who you are, what you do and why you do it. **
  3. Basically, by setting an intention, you’re setting up the process to attain your goals. Goals are great and we talk about them all the time, but intentions help you get there. And by accepting your wonderful, insanely capable body as it is, right now, you can find peace and make your journey a fuck of a lot easier, especially mentally.


  1. With social media, it can be super difficult to not compare yourself to others. Their physique, how hard someone else is working, what they’re eating. The list could take up an entire episode.
    • One thing we want to remind you of is that social media isn’t real life. We’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: you have no idea, unless you personally know someone, what they’re actually doing.
  2. A lot of posts of workouts, etc etc etc from influencers or whoever, have great lighting, and they are more than likely editing what they’re putting out. In certain lighting, I look ripped, but when I’m just sitting here recording the podcast, I don’t look like I even lift  at all to some folks.
    • That doesn’t mean I’m not putting in work and taking care of my health, just because the lighting isn’t ideal.
  3. Try avoiding your triggers
    • If following someone or continuously looking up a certain topic is triggering to you in a toxic way, avoid those topics or people. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, because maybe it’s become a habit. Unfollowing toxic topics and people can be intensely freeing.
  4. Spite? 
    • Spite can be a hell of a drug. If you find that it’s difficult to just “stop comparing yourself”, try spite! Jokes aside, spite can be a hell of a motivator. If you see what someone else is telling you they’re doing and you are envious of that because you want to BE that, put actions and intentions in place to be or do the good parts of whatever that is.


  1. Maybe this one sounds lame, but there have been studies on the power and benefits of positive self talk. It can change your entire outlook.
    • Positive self talk can turn around an entire negative situation, or what you perceive as negative.
  2. An example would be, “I’m not working hard enough, look at (so and so)”. Flipping the script on this one could look like “I am capable of reaching my goals, and I work hard to the best of my ability right now” 
    • By just taking out the absolutes in the first sentence, it can change your entire outlook and continuously doing this can help you have a more positive self image.
  3. If you need visual cues, write it out! Leave yourself sticky notes. Change the background on your phone to a positive image or saying or your intention. Reach out to a light in your life and have a good conversation.
    • The stop sign
      • This is my most utilized trick in my toolbox. When I’m feeling overwhelmed in any given situation, I visualize a stop sign. It helps me step back, take a breathe and take inventory of why I’m feeling a certain way. It allows me to identify the ACTUAL emotion. If something makes me feel insecure or angry, or any other negative thing, I need to understand WHY I’m feeling that way.
      • By taking a step back, it can help you get to the root of the comparison or negative emotion, and then it allows you to put steps in place to work on those things, or realize that you’re actually feeling this way because of a or b or c etc.
  4. HUMOR
    • If it’s difficult to practice self talk right off the bat, distract. Find something funny to watch, or a cute cat or dog video or 5. I guarantee you, 9 times out of 10 that by distracting yourself with humor, you’ll diminish or forget why you were feeling a certain way to begin with.


  1. I think often times, it’s easy in this space to get caught up in the things you think you aren’t doing or perceive you’re not doing well enough because fitness can be overloaded with pretty pictures and misinformation.
  2. Again, you know what you’re doing, health looks different on every BODY. Don’t discount your hard work just because health looks different on you than your neighbor.

Accepting your body, just the way it is, and appreciating it for all of the things it allows you to do can be difficult. But just like lifting that heavy weight, you have to start somewhere. You didn’t work up to that 200lb deadlift by not practicing and continuing to show up for yourself. Grace is your best friend, and you’re fucking wonderful and kicking ass for showing up for yourself.



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