“My vision is a world of healthy women who understand their bodies, know how to work with their unique physiology, know their periods are ergogenic aids and create positivity around being a woman in sport.  Together we can shift the destructive narrative and elevate women in research, science, and sport.” – Dr. Stacy Sims

The leading global expert on gemale physiology & training and author of Roar, Dr. Sims has contributed to the environmental exercise physiology and sports nutrition fields for more than 20 years as both an athlete and a scientist. Dr. Sims served as an exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist at Stanford University from 2007 to 2012, where she specialized in sex differences of environmental and nutritional considerations for recovery and performance. Her personal interest in sex differences and performance has taken precedence in her academic and consulting career; she always looks at true physiology to apply innovating solutions in the sports nutrition world.

An elite athlete herself, Dr. Sims also has extensive experience working with athletes at all levels, from beginning recreational athletes to Olympians and Tour de France-caliber cyclists. In 2012 she left her full-time academic position at Stanford to become a mom, launch a start-up, and start her own consultancy practice – all to disseminate science to real-world applications for athletes, coaches, educators, and colleagues.

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