This month, we’re gonna have a freeform conversation about seasons of life. It’s ok to be right where you’re at right now. Sometimes things fit, sometimes they don’t, and being able to accept that knowing you won’t always be in this season is super important.


Maybe you’ve heard this term being used lately, maybe you haven’t, either way, let’s dig into what it actually means

  1. Basically all this means is nothing stays the same for long. Seasons come and go naturally and ultimately we as humans are constantly learning, growing, and our circumstances, needs, mindsets, and actions have to evolve.
    • This line from the article linked below is a great way of thinking about this: Accepting and evolving alongside these cycles of life allows us to glide through our time on earth effortlessly, knowing that our circumstances are always temporary.
    • ALSO, this line: We celebrate when we succeed and we complain when we fail, but eventually, we start to really consider who we are, what we want out of life, and how we want to move forward from each moment onwards. The seasons of life shape our character and lay the framework for the life we have ahead of us. Mostly, they help us evolve as humans.


It can be difficult to be present when we’re focused on the things we wish we could be doing, but sometimes life doesn’t grant us enough time in a day to be able to do that

  1. Be where your hands are. We’ve said this a couple times on the podcast at this point. It was said to me when I was going through some shit and it always pops in my head when I’m struggling to make everything work. All this line means, is be present. Be right here in this moment. 
    • Life is complex, it wasn’t made to be super easy. Sometimes it’s super easy to get way ahead of ourselves and cause unneeded stress because we’re worrying about things that we either can’t control, or aren’t able to do at this season in our life
      • I’ve been stressing out about not being able to be as consistent as I once was with lifting, but when I pull back and look at it, I have to figure out what my priorities are at this very segment of my life. Balancing work and life when there are only so many hours in a day, doesn’t really give me a ton of time to be able to do that… right now. I know this won’t last forever, so being able to accept that I’m doing my best with the time I DO have, helps me not get super stressed out about it.
  2. Which brings up a good point. Sometimes you’re going to have to figure out what your priorities are RIGHT NOW. 


When mental health is the topic, you gotta remember this. All things take time, your mental health and seasons of life are no different. I feel like we bring this up often but it’s important to remember. If you’re in a rough patch right now, first please remember that it can’t rain all the time, this too will pass. But let’s talk about how to get yourself back on track after you had a low point. 

  1. Focus on self-care. Control stress with activities like meditation or tai chi. Eat healthy, exercise, and get enough sleep. Most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per night.
  2. Set small, achievable goals. Set realistic goals to build confidence and motivation. A goal at the beginning may be to make your bed, have lunch with a friend, or take a walk. Build up to bigger goals as you feel better.
  3. Know the warning signs. Recognize your triggers and talk to your doctor and/or mental health professional if you notice unusual changes in how you feel, think, or act. 
  4. Seek support. Whether you find encouragement from family members or a support group, maintaining relationships with others is important… especially in times of crisis or rough spells.

And as always, if you’re going through a time right now and you need to reach out, please do. Us, a friend, whoever. Please speak up. There are so many free available resources we can point you to that can get you back to where you wanna be. 



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