Today we’re going to spend some time discussing how it’s ok for things to change, how to accept the new season you’re in and what change might look like on your fitness and nutrition journey


I’m not sure how many of our listeners are familiar with Amigo the Devil, but if you aren’t and you like music, check him out. ANYWAY, there’s a line in a song of his that goes “change is alright” and while the rest of the song isn’t exactly happy, that line always speaks to me. Because it is alright!

  1. Life is life, and as most of us know at this point on our path, change happens sometimes immediately, sometimes over time, and sometimes not at all. But either way, it’s a natural part of the ebb and flow of any fitness journey, or lifetime.
    • We thought of this topic because both of us are currently in a change period with our training. I’m working back from injury (you can expand here)
    • Sausha is completely changing her training regimen.
    • We pulled this from a psychology today article, and it’s true AF: Change is your natural state of being. “There is a difference between making change, and allowing change” “The way we use words when we talk about change indicates, on a subconscious level of our collective mind, that in order to make any kind of change, force is required and active action is necessary. “
  2. It’s important to think about how words or even your thoughts have impact and can affect intent. While you may be ready for change, if you’re thinking of it as something that you’re being forced to do, naturally as a human being, you’re going to be more resistant to it. That’s just how we are.
    • That’s why we talk so much about flipping the script. If you can get yourself to a place where you think about change as an inevitable flow of life, it’s much easier to allow change to happen in your life versus feeling like you’re forcing yourself to make change happen.


We’ve touched on this in the past, but sometimes you just outright get bored with the path that you’re on in the gym. Sometimes you get interested in a different method of training. However this comes about, it requires a change in programming. See what we’re getting at? 

  1. We touched on this briefly earlier, but I’ve recently completely changed how I’m training, and for what. I have a new goal in mind, and that requires me to change up how I’m training!
    • Mindset shift.
    • This is why goals are important, it helps you put together your plan to attain them.
    • Sadie is currently in the rehab phase of her post-surgical process, so her workouts look nothing like what they used to.


Think about it this way, do you want to hang out with the person you were 10, 12 years ago? I posted a meme not that long ago on my instagram that basically said, I don’t know who that person was making posts in 2008, but I don’t want to hang out with them.

  1. Change can actually be fun.
  2. You know what will really make you grow as a person? Doing something that will take you completely out of your comfort zone.

Again, of course change can elicit fear, sometimes, but more often than not, change improves your life. Sometimes you don’t even notice in the moment that it’s happening, but when you have the opportunity to look back on it, it’s a beautiful thing. And when you apply that to your fitness journey, you’re going to be amazed with yourself. It’s unavoidable!



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