Today we are going to cover some of the millions of fitness myths we’ve heard during our time of being fit-ish chicks… and ohhhh boy, are there some doozies. Can you spot reduce body fat? Is soreness a badge of a good workout? Should women train differently than men? What’s fact and what’s bullshit? Vamos!


Everyone has that friend that does fifty thousand crunches at the end of their workout so they can try to get their abs to show… are they on to something or are they just wasting their time? …they’re wasting their time.

  1. You can’t spot reduce body fat. Sorry, doing all of the sit-ups and crunches in the world won’t get you a visible six pack.
    • This is another one of those things we were told by the diet industry to get us to buy into products to target specific areas of fat.
    • You ENTIRE body burns fat at the same time. Which makes sense when you think about your body as a machine. It’s working together at the same time to keep you alive.
    • Everyone’s dna is different from one person to the next, you could do eat the exact same amount of the exact same things as the person next to you and do the exact same workout for the exact same duration, and your results will be different.
    • To further simplify this, if you want to lose fat in a specific area, you’re going to lose it everywhere else as well.
  2. Same goes for your butt. You can do workouts to build muscle in your glutes, but you can’t magically burn the fat off of your buttcheeks. And anyway, it’s cool to have a phat azz
  3. Stomach wraps are bullshit. 
    • Stomach wraps are marketed frequently in the same way as some “fat burners”, saying if you use the product, you’ll reduce “fat” in that area. 
    • What you’re really losing is water weight. When you’re re-hydrated, that weight is going to be right back where it was.
  4. So are “workout enhancement” creams (ex: Sweet Sweat)
    • The same reason that stomach wraps don’t work, is why sweat creams don’t work. 
    • You may be suffocating the area you’re applying it to, causing more sweat, but again, that’s water weight.


Some people think that soreness the next day to the point where you can’t move, is the sign of a banger workout. Not true.

  1. Being sore the next day, every day, is bad for your muscles.
    • Typically soreness is due to your body not being used to the increased weight, or you’re trying something new that your body isn’t used to.
    • Soreness isn’t the best indicator of a good workout. Other things like quality of movement and if you’re successfully increasing weight with proper form should be some of your indicators for success in the gym.
    • Even lifting the SAME amount of weight, but being able to add more reps is a good indicator that your training is successful
    • Taking shorter breaks between sets is also a good indicator that you’re improving.
  2. The “No Pain No Gain” mentality is irresponsible and dangerous.
    • Maxing out every day will send you on a fast track to injury.
    • We have talked about this before, but recovery is just as important as your time in the gym. Giving your muscles and your body time to recover typically gets you to your end goal a little faster because you’re allowing your body to adapt and improve
  3. Not taking rest days isn’t good for you either. Your body NEEDS to rest, make your brain get used to it.
    • When you feel exhausted, it’s because your body is telling you it needs rest, man. Listen. If you are burnt, just toast, don’t push through a workout just to get one in, do some yoga or something instead, or even just a walk,.
    • I actually just went through this the other day. I rarely ever take two days in a row off, but I was extremely busy and I was also just freaking tired. I just took the extra rest day. I am so glad I did, even after the guilt trip I gave myself for taking the extra day. If your body is screaming at you, listen to it.

If I had a dollar for every time I have walked into a gym to see a woman doing some bizarre circuit of movements that she thinks will make her “toned,” I would be a millionaire and wouldn’t be hosting this podcast.

  1. We used to be told that high-rep low weight workouts were the key to fitness for ladies… that’s not true.
    • There has been a ton of research in the last five years that say women and men should train the same… anyone tells you otherwise, they’re wrong. 
  2. All muscles look and function the same way… regardless of sex. Look at CrossFit: men and women do the same movements, just at different weights.
    • I feel like this is the biggest example I can give as far as why men and women should train the same. 
  3. You won’t get “bulky” ladies, curse whoever coined that stupid term.
    • I’ve been lifting with the dudes since day one, and it’s not only great for my body, but for my morale… keeping up with the boys can be a challenge sometimes, but I’m no do nothin’ bitch. 
  4. Hormones WILL play a factor in your training, male or female… for men, testosterone will run the show, and estrogen for the ladies. Ladies, you WILL want to adjust your training while Aunt Flo is in town, because if you don’t, your body will hate you.
    • This goes back to listening to your body. If it’s yelling at you to stop, then stop. 

We’ve just scratched the surface with this episode… you can expect to see another one of these soon, because oh boy, is there a lot of bullshit floating around the internet when it comes to fitness and nutrition.



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