Photo Credit: Lindsay Steinberger

I am over the moon to be a part of the MS Run the U.S. team in 2021, running from Wray, CO to Holdrege, NE. As a Nebraskan, it will be an amazing experience to share the stories of those battling MS for such a great cause and for a great organization.

I am running for my mom, Joyce, who has been battling MS for over 30 years, and for my friend Kevin who is in the early stages of his battle with MS. The strength they both show is amazing and a testament to their resolve against this horrible disease. I hope to make my mom and Kevin proud and for everyone else who has been afflicted with multiple sclerosis.

I am no scientist, but want to run and help find a cure and contribute any way I can. We are so close to finding a cure and I know we can do it. It is an honor to be a part of this journey and the fun is just beginning!

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