Jack hosts a podcast called The Darkside of Elite, and he is fascinated by what it takes to be elite. Not just good. Not even just great. But truly elite… the 1%, cream of the crop top of the food chain in any field. But just being the best isn’t what holds his attention. He’s obsessed with what it takes to be the best and the cost of success. Nobody talks much about the Darkside. It’s hidden, but it’s there. In fact, it’s common in people who push the limits of human endeavors. It also shows up in everyday, normal life. Frankly, the Darkside is all around us. But he’s here to shed LIGHT on the Darkside so you can overcome it.

ABOUT HIS NAVAL SERVICE: Jack participated in a number of conflicts and contingency operations throughout the globe in his 20-year Naval career. Assigned to SEAL Team ONE during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks Jack participated in contingency operations as part of the United States’ initial response from October to December 2001. Later, assigned to SEAL Team THREE as a Troop Commander, Jack was the Commander of Naval Special Warfare Task Unit-Ramadi, Iraq in charge of counterterrorism and counterinsurgency operations in Al-Anbar Province. Jack was the first SEAL Troop Commander, leading Operations for Special Reconnaissance Team-1 focusing on Multidiscipline Intelligence Support Missions for SEAL Team, Special Mission Units, and other government agencies. Jack’s last assignment was as the Director of Combating Terrorism for Special Operations Command Europe.



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