Sling Shot Mark Bell Grippy Hip Circle Exercise Bands for Men and Women (Level 2)

A must.


  • FOR BEGINNERS OR PROFESSIONALS: No matter what your skill level is or what your fitness goals are, the Hip Circle was built with you in mind. Get ready to get your sweat on and take your workout to the next level with this premium, grippy, level-2 resistance band.
  • MULTI-USE: Ideal for dynamic stretching, bodyweight exercises, flexibility, and strength training, there’s not much our resistance band can’t make better. Use this band to get the most out of squats, dynamic stretching, walking, lunging, and the quality of your weightlifting routines.
  • STRENGTHEN: If you’re looking to maximize your results at the gym and accelerate toward your fitness goals, this is an ideal product. You’ll be able to rapidly improve your strength and tone your body faster. Get ready to notice big results when you make the switch to the Hip Circle trainer band.
  • STAYS PUT: For those who need the strap to stay in place, we invented the Grippy Hip Circle. It won’t budge during stretches or workouts! Our band also won’t pinch, irritate, roll up, or snap the skin. You can get your sweat on in total comfort with our Grippy Hip Circle exercise band.


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