Welcome to Meathead Test Kitchen. We're here to help make your fitness and nutrition journey suck less.

Hi, we're Sadie and Sausha, AKA Meathead Test Kitchen. Macros, training, meal prep... the world of fitness and nutrition can be intimidating, but we are here to help make it a whole lot less scary. 

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Sweary fun!!
"These ladies don't beat around the bush, they are honest and easy to relate to. If swear words offend you, find another podcast."

-SantosHalper, Apple Podcasts

The podcast we needed!
"Dieting and fitness doesn't have to be boring or tedious. Sadie and Sausha are here to prove it! Fun hosts and honest, easy to understand advice."

-EntryInvalid, Apple Podcasts

The Truth!
"The realest and most useful fitness podcast out there."
-CruGorman, Apple Podcasts

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